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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ® and Waxes


Applying Chalk Paint ®

Annie Sloan shows you how to paint with Chalk Paint® in Lem Lem, her special, limited edition color in collaboration with Oxfam.


How to Use Clear Wax

Waxing your painted furniture is easy! Follow Annie Sloan's top tips for applying Chalk Paint® Wax and you'll be able to enjoy a gorgeous finish that will last and last.


Using Tinted Chalk Paint Wax

Annie shows you how to antique a pine bedhead, using Dark Chalk Paint® Wax! Tinted Waxes are the perfect way to age and bring out the texture of your paint work.


Two-Color Distressing

Annie shows you how to create a two-color distress using her signature technique and two colors from the Chalk Paint® palette!


Painting Cabinetry

Annie Sloan shows you the fastest way to update your kitchen cabinets, by simply using Chalk Paint® and Wax!


Painting Fabric

Annie demonstrates how you can paint fabric using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. In a few simple steps, you can transform a whole chair!