Meet the Team

Learn a little more about the people that make Restoring Piece what it is!

Jeni Bowen, MS, LPC

Co-Owner of Restoring Piece
Licensed Counselor and Lead Designer

Jeni Bowen, MS, LPC is a Licensed Family Therapist that specializes helping others find peace and recognize the life that God has created for them.

Jeni works with individuals, couples, and children beginning at age five, focusing on emotional elements such as grief, depression, anxiety, goal-setting, divorce, blending families, anger, and empowerment.

Brandon Bowen

Co-Owner of Restoring Piece
Woodworking and Operations

The short answer is, I build stuff. For the store, for customers, for our home. I live my life trying to solve one puzzle after another. This is why custom building and new designs are so energizing for me!

On the one hand, I love to get my hands dirty and bring life to the designs Jeni and our Design Assistants create. Whether it's restoring the old or creating the new, Restoring Piece was built on giving life to our creations!

On the other hand, someone's got to do the "fun" stuff like track inventory, do accounting and maintain a website. Since I am the one with the Business Degree from the University of Florida and MBA from Rollins College, we figured it was best if I handled that stuff and not kill the creative vibe. So after a long day of spreadsheets, it's back to the woodshop!