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Owner, Creative Director & Licensed Therapist


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Design Assitant

Jeni Bowen, MS, LPC is a Licensed Family Therapist that specializes helping others find peace and recognize the life that God has created for them.

Jeni works with individuals, couples, and children beginning at age five, focusing on emotional elements such as grief, depression, anxiety, goal-setting, divorce, blending families, anger, and empowerment.

I build stuff

I am blessed to have the opportunity to explore and play with the creative desires God put into my heart 22 years ago when I walk through those red doors at Restoring Piece. Not only that, but I get to work alongside wonderful people who love our Creator and His children as much as I do! So just know that you are in great hands when you stop by!

Some things about me: I am in my third year of studying Communication at the University of Alabama. I was raised about an hour away by my parents in a small town near Birmingham called Clay, Alabama. In my free time you can find me taking hikes with my German Shepherd Lola or painting canvases and thrift store finds while listening to soulful music.

I am looking forward to learning about & helping you with your next project!

I am a Tuscaloosa native furthering my education with a bachelor degrees in business and public relations. I have always been drawnto expressing myself through art.

My first restoration project was an 1800s bedroom set including a bed, dresser and vanity. It would have been much easier if I had known about Chalk Paint and how to use it!

So, in my spare timeI love to hunt, fish, sketch, paint, play guitar and write music. When I was youngerI was forced to take piano, but never really fell in lovelike I did with guitar. As a teenager I picked up the guitar and have never put it down! I find my happy place when I am playing music or working on an art piece.

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