About Restoring Piece

We're so glad that you found us! We are Brandon and Jeni Bowen, the creators of Restoring Piece. We probably should have purchased a book on how to best write an "About Us" section, but it looks like we'll have to speak from the heart instead. I like that a little better, anyway.

Our story unfolds each day in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where we balance a retail shop, a private practice, and a very active online store, all while cuddling and snuggling...changing and feeding...our blessing baby, Groves. Waiting for us at home are two labs, Wolley and Mercy, and two kitties, Millie and Pixie. 

Brandon is my unwavering husband and my best friend. We are teammates, which is the only way we could ever do what we do. Brandon has the MBA, so he runs the numbers, balances, coordinates shipping, tracks inventory, maintains the website (and any other tech-y stuff), plus he happens to be a gifted crafter of wood and metal. Praise to the heavens, because tools and numbers really aren't my gig. I'm on the design side of things, the visionary, the writer, the painter, the instructor, and the therapist

We are faith-walkers, risk-takers, and blinded by the hardcore belief that what God called us to do will flourish. More than five years ago, we left safe, cozy jobs with predictable salaries in order to pursue the Lord's path. What does that look like? Hand-in-hand, holding tight as we walk it out each day. God is faithful and when he told us that we would not be forsaken, we trusted. And the morning that he told me that Peter didn't walk on water with one foot in the boat, I believed.  And here we are, standing on water, and keeping our eyes on Him.

When you feel that fire - that purpose - that He has placed inside of you, it can't be ignored. You know what I'm talking about? It's inside of you, too. Something good. Something meaningful. Something that you are to give to the world. Have you found it? When you do, even the mistakes and mundane feel like a masterpiece. It's powerful. It feeds our souls...and in our case, our bellies, too! 

There is such a correlation in what we love to do through design, and what He loves to do in and for His people. He bought and paid the price for our ugliness, also called sin. He takes what is old and makes it new. There is transformation through his Tender Loving Care. He recognizes our quality, even though we are hidden by dirt, stained and torn-up. We are hidden treasures in his eyes. He cleans us up and we are anointed with His oil. We are hand-picked by Him and made shiny and new. The more messed up we are, the better; the older, the better. There is no difference because His love is greater than any of our sins. It's God's Love. He is looking and searching for the old to make new. Those that have been thrown out and discarded, maybe even called 'trash', He's looking to RESTORE you; to wash you, to make you new.

I hope you enjoy witnessing this incredible journey that we have begun through Restoring Piece. It is our pleasure to share what Jesus has done for us and what He can do for you!