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When we moved into our home last May, I quickly realized that throwing my leg up and crawling over the gigantic tub everyday - twice a day - to open and close the blinds was not going to last.

Either that, or I was going to have to start showering in the dark for privacy. Let's be real...if I'm involved, both of those scenarios could lead to serious injury. I needed to figure out something clever for both of our windows in the bathroom. Stat. 

While doing a little "research" (or filling up online shopping carts that never actually check out), I came across this.

It's a vinyl film that clings to your windows to create a stained glass effect. It was worth a shot, especially if it worked! Plus, it was on sale with free shipping. Holla!

Four days later, 6 rolls of hope arrived on our doorstep. All we (well, Brandon) had to do was use some mad math skills and measure the panes in our windows and cut out each individual square.

This sounds much harder than it actually was, but I will say that it goes a whole lot smoother if you have a friend to keep the vinyl from rolling up as you cut. 

Each roll comes with a little squeegee-looking tool to smooth out any bubbles as the vinyl clings to your window. It does help if your surface is slightly damp, though. We simply used windex on each pane as we went along.


Once we completed both windows and decided that it was going to work for us, we removed the blinds.


Total project time took about an hour and a half, or two hours if you include the begging I gave Brandon - "Can we do it now?...Are you ready now?" - so all in all, simple enough not to need to pop a Xanax before starting.

The week after we installed it, I was that weirdo that went outside at dusk 3 days in a row and tried to look into my own windows.

Yeah, I know, but I had to be sure that it provided enough privacy. And honestly? I love it. Couldn't see a thing!

I especially enjoy how the colors reflect during different parts of the day. Pixie does, too.

Many blessings to you,



  • Suzanne

    I used a similar faux stained glass vinyl film on my front door, when I moved into my house. I bought it at Home Depot. It provides privacy without completely blocking out the light and I don’t have deal with blinds banging on the door or curtains getting caught in door when it is opened or closed.

  • Kim Smith

    This is gorgeous!

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