Hold It Together

A couple of weeks ago, while "running" into Hobby Lobby for something simple, like markers, I was conveniently drawn to travel 8 aisles out of my way to the 66% off section. We're all familiar with this area, right? Calling our names? Taunting us. Well, while walking through, I spotted these little letters made from old book covers and wood.

J & I Bookends

At $4 and something each, they had too much potential to pass up, plus I had an idea. I had been looking for a fun set of bookends and I figured that a little paint and metal might do the trick.


For the colors, I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Olive for the "J" and a blend of Aubusson Blue and Antibes Green for the "I". This is a perfect project for sample pots, when you don't need a whole quart worth of color. 


Brandon had these strips of metal in the garage, so I summoned - asked him politely - to affix them to the base of the letters with epoxy, which ultimately provided just enough durability. 

Not bad for a few bucks and less than 30 minutes!

Jeni Bowen - Restoring Piece


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