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Hi, I'm Jeni... and I'll Pass on the Wax

Posted by Jeni Bowen on

14 Months.

2 weeks.

4 days.

Since my last blog post. My goodness, I cannot even count the times that I have thought about writing to you. So many tugs and pulls in all different directions. There's a good chance I could come up with more excuses than all the absent days combined, but how about we just settle on the truth. I've been fought so hard on sharing with you. Fear, vulnerability...Can I be real here? And some laziness, too. Life experiences can be hard, but evidently telling someone else about it can be even harder.

More on all that soon, but for now, let's talk about these little doo-hickeys. (I'm pretty sure that term is Southernism at its prime.)

(We can just ignore the dust and grime that WAS there, right?)

So, it turns out that almost every light fixture in our home had the fake dripping wax effect when we moved in last May. I won't say that they're hideous, but they aren't our favorite, especially when they begin to fade into a dingy shade of yellow plastic.

One day, while pondering space changes, I had an idea to spray paint all the caps black. This way, they would blend in with the metal on the chandeliers, rather than taking center stage.

After sharing my idea with Brandon, he got all handy and built this stand so that I (and everything we owned) wouldn't get covered in black overspray.


I simply slipped them on one by one over the dowel and then sprayed the stack in just a few swipes. Worked like a charm, I tell ya.


Once the caps dried, it was a quick process slipping them back onto the chandeliers and adding the bulbs.

 (We typically don't keep the plastic on our lampshades... still trying to decide if they're a good fit.)

Pleased, indeed. What do you think?


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  • Hi Jena. Just finding your blogs. I love reading about your family and your “finds” along the way. Your home is beautiful and gives me ideas for my next project!

    Donna Dunagan on

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