The Loft and a Rifle

In recent weeks you may have heard us refer to 'The Loft at Restoring Piece' and wondered what the mess that means. So, today I wanted to clarify a few things and share something new that we are adding to our space.


We have approximately 9,000sf of space at RP. The downstairs portion, which we call the studio, is 7200sf and houses all of our architectural salvage and unique finds. It also abodes the Cottage and the Workshop.

cottage rawcottage

cottage window

In the coming months, we are also planning a space in the downstairs studio for the itty-bitties. I have most of it sketched out and cannot wait to put it together! The remaining 1800sf can be found up the stairs, hence the name The Loft.

New loft full

If you haven't been up yet, it's such a great space. Lots of natural light - 10 windows and 12 (I think) skylights. Initially, the area was just raw attic space.

raw loft 1

Even so, I could see all of its potential and I knew that it was ideal to hold creative courses and sell specialty paints, such as Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. It was a lot of labor. No, like a whole lot.

Raw loft

All day and all night kind of days. Just me and Brandon and his dad. Measuring, cutting, staining floors, staining boards, painting, building...and dreaming. These are the stories we will tell our grandchildren, I'm sure.


If you saw us at all during those days, I can promise you would have looked for a plastic cup so you could drop a little change. True story. And a little goofing off may have been had.


Watching our new space develop and take shape was such motivation, though.  Bit by bit. Wall by wall. This pic makes me laugh. Since it was a blazing torch outside and we hadn't yet worked out the air issue upstairs, this was "the cooling chair." I kid? Not.


New loft full 2

Loft display

 New kitchen

New lounge

As the months went on and we began to teach creative courses, my vision began to expand for the space. This is funny to me because when we started on this journey I specifically said that I did NOT want to be retail. I was adamant. Crud. I'm learning to just step aside and let God do His thing. ;) It didn't take us long before we were partnering with a few incredible companies, many of which have a similar beginning as ourselves. Today we'd like to introduce you to one of our new lines, Rifle Paper Company.


What started out as a husband and wife team in a one-bedroom apartment, has now branched out worldwide in FOUR years. No, you are not hallucinating. Four years - WORLD(uh-huh)wide. Their goodies are also carried in Anthropologie across the land. All of their illustrations are hand-drawn by the Mrs.


Greeting cards, calendars, journals, recipe cards, wrapping paper, gifts tags...

recipe cards





....and the phone cases???...


Heavens! Hopefully I can refrain from hauling most of this loot home with me. Ok, maybe just a few journals for the stockings...and one for me. Have a manic-free Monday, Friends!





  • Kathleen Walsh

    How wonderful, Jeni! Of course, being a swim instructor/coach/therapist, I love the swimming ladies notecards! Coming to Tuscaloosa on Friday. Will pick up my “pickings” and cannot wait to see and celebrate your new space!

  • Sue

    How fabulous this looks…wish I could see it in person and attend a class or two.
    Your hard work is truly recognizable…
    Great job,

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