Giving Away Thanks

Is it really here? I mean, seriously?? Indeed, it is turkey time.


(Sorry, dude. We're having ham.) It is also that special time of year for giving thanks. And, goodness, we have a lot on our list. For one, we are thankful for YOU. Yes, you, right there. We are grateful for you. To be completely honest, Brandon and I could not do what we do without you. Can I share a piece of our heart for a moment? You see, Restoring Piece and running a studio/shop really wasn't our dream in life. At least we didn't know it was at the time.

RP Dreams

After many years of education and obtaining several letters at the end of our names, we held secure jobs by working for someone else. Brandon had worked in the corporate world for many years and then landed behind a desk, but he's a dork (put the torches down, I'm kidding) and is obsessed with learning and thrives on being challenged. Boredom is not his thing. We have that in common. I like to be very efficient. At times, working for an agency as a marriage and family therapist was was difficult for me when I would have a session scheduled at 9:00 a.m. and another at 4:00 p.m., knowing that there was so much more that I could be doing between time with my clients. We felt accomplished, but we longed for more. There had to be more to it. Simply put, we didn't want to dread Monday each and every week. Oh, those Mondays.

Monday 1

So, we prayed. And then we prayed some more. When I tell you that we waited for God, I really mean it. Earlier in our careers we made some rash decisions based on what WE wanted. Hard lessons learned. This time it would have to be God's timing. We prayed for confirmation and boy, did He deliver. Almost 2 years ago He gave us the idea of Restoring Piece, which stemmed from a pile of wooden spools stacked up on the side of the road. We spotted them in the pouring rain one afternoon while traveling to McCalla to see family. True story. Isn't that just like Him? Taking something simple and discarded and exposing its beauty? It was several months before we saw the Lord's full plan unfold in the form of a business, but I'll tell you all about that someday...and the miraculous event that brought about our logo. ;)


For now, I / we want you to know how much we appreciate you taking this journey with us. We thank you for your support and encouraging words. We thank you for your smiles, because as I always say, they are worth it all. Here's our opportunity to give back to you! Starting today until Saturday, November 30th at 10:00 p.m., you will have four chances to enter a give-a-way from Pass Christian Soap Company. One winner will receive a slice of hand-milled soap and a bottle of body crème - your choice of scent.

Loofah Soap

Lotions & Cremes

If you're unfamiliar with Pass Christian Soap Co., they have an amazing story of survival. I personally fell in love with their products last year. Aside from using them myself, I began giving them as stocking stuffers, shower favors and any other excuse to share them. When the opportunity presented itself for us to sell them in The Loft at RP, I was delighted. Ok, a little more than that. It took me .01 seconds to accept the offer. My personal favorite is Gulf Waters and I get compliments whenever I use it. It's just that good. They also have a kids line called Silly Soap, which is like play-doh for the tub. It's squishy and moldable into whatever shape you imagine. Then it can be rolled right back into a ball and used as soap!

Silly Soap

We asked Jada to try it out before we committed to the order, just to be sure it, too, was all that. She fell head.over.heels. She's been obsessed using it each night for 2 weeks, so it seems to hold up pretty well. All kinds of colors and scents available - great stocking stuffers, too.

Pick me 1

Share it = 1 entry Pin it = 1 entry Subscribe to the RP blog = 2 entries Be blessed tomorrow as you gather 'round with those that mean the most.

Love from our door to yours...



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