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Oh, the Nerve...

Posted by Jeni Bowen on

Hiya, Friends! It feels so good to sit down and after a bountiful weekend of seeing many of your smiling faces. :) Such a great feeling... A much better feeling than a few weeks ago when I sat in our dear doc's office and I watched his mouth utter words about me having a bulging disc. "Oh, I'm sorry. No habla' Espanol", I said, with a blank stare. (crickets...) Even so, he scheduled me to have a nerve block and I obliged simply because I knew the "Somebody come help me get up!" cry was getting moldy old. So, instead of busting out the plastic after a 1 a.m. info-mercial and ordering one of those tilt-you-until-you're-upright recliners, I scheduled a nerve block. People across the land, I cannot begin to tell you how awesome I feel since the procedure. Amazing. From now on, I vow to be kinder to myself by realizing that I can no longer throw that flying saucer on my back and lug it up a mountain.


Evidently, it happens. So, since I am full energy again,

back bend

it was time to schedule some creative courses around here. This past week we had a Paint Play 101 class, in which I had the honor of teaching how to use Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.  Aside from the gabbing and laughing (these ladies are a hoot!!), we mixed, we learned resist techniques and we layered color.

zoom blurred AS

Basket AS

zoom AS

We oohed and ahhhed as we watch the magic of milk paint and how amazing that little tub of white wax can be.

Zoom finished

Metamorphosis before our very own eyeballs. It was a dandy ol' time and I'm really looking forward to offering our Paint Play courses on the regular. The very next morning we held our first Trim-a-Tree class, in which we hand-painted old salvaged tin from a local farm that Brandon cut into trees.


This was a blast, I tell ya. It is always an extra special treat for me to see the insane creativity of others. A plethora of colors and unique designs were on display that morning, for sure.


Donna single




Amy base

Check out that tree base above - is that an awesome technique, or what?!?



My personal favorite is the metallic and glitter shimmer.

metallic tress

Amy floor

There's just something about that dark rust and gold glam that makes me swoon. During our creative courses, it's just good fellowship, y'all. New friends, funny stories, encouraging words, music and paint. It's good for the soul. :)


We have a few classes scheduled on our website events page, if you'd like to join us sometime. Our next Trim-a-Tree class is Friday evening, December 6th. I think we have 3 or 4 spots left, so let us know if we can help. In the meantime... I'll be back later in the week to tell you more about The Loft and what that means for Restoring Piece.

Many Blessings to YOU!


Jeni :0)

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