Great Expectations

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to co-host a baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Lu. We have been friends since '97 when we met while working a college job together.



{Yes, I know. I just happen to have crazy curly hair.}

She ended up moving into the apartment below mine and at that point we began making memories that still make us laugh. Like...when I went from working three jobs to two and I couldn't afford a phone anymore. She let me keep one of her cordless handsets in my apartment and then she would beat on her ceiling (my floor) with a broom when I got a call. Yeah, we have all kinds of stories. Fast forward a few years later and now we are trying to be all grown up with husbands and babies. Even though we have ALL been waiting patiently for this sweet bun to finish cooking, I am especially excited to be an Aunt again so I can pour out all this love I've been saving up! In the meantime, we had a grand ol' time celebrating and I thought I'd share a few ahhhs with you in case you're looking for some inspiration for an itty-bitty. Lu has a background in journalism, so it only seemed right to go with a writing theme. Brandon and I jumped in and designed these fun newspaper-inspired invitations. {Of course, we changed some of the real info just to keep things smooth sailing. ;) } Creating and designing is one of the many things we enjoy doing together. He has mad skills at making my crazy ideas come to life. Like those precious flying storks with their little beaks that did NOT want to "hold" the banner. I just wanted to put them in a chokehold love them!!


Chronicle Picture (1)


From that point, I did a lot of shopping from around our house and from the studio. As most of you know, we specialize in architectural salvage and vintage goods, so we gather a lot of unique things along the way. One of my favorite finds is this antique lovely.


Typewriter WM


It reminds me of the stereotypical big black typewriter with the little round silver edged keys. The icing? It still works! Perfection. The guests were asked to type out a few words of encouragement to the expecting parents so we could create a baby advice column as a keepsake. Guess what happened instead? The ribbon dried out. Womp-womp-womp. It's real life, y'all. Sometimes it ain't real pretty, but at least the typewriter was...


Desk WM


Here's a little recap of the day...


Chalkboard WM


Wide Table WM


butterfly bottom


Elephant WM


This wooden date keeper was ideal for displaying the anticipated due date!


Date WM


Soft table WM


I knew months ago when I found these sweet antique baby clothes that they could be loved again, even at a distance. The baby blanket that we doubled as a tablecloth was found with these baby clothes!


Clothes line WM


And the day wouldn't be complete without featuring our little helpers. I just can't get enough of these precious faces. Makes me all ooey-gooey. ;0) This little guy did so well while putting up with all of this PINK!!







New life. It sure is something to celebrate... ;0)



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