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Knock-Knock, Who's There?

Posted by Jeni Bowen on

It occurred to me the other day, in a palm-to-the-forehead kind of way, that we have never properly introduced ourselves. My southern mama would shake her head. I suppose we (or I) always imagined Restoring Piece being the "face" of this business, but then all of that changed when we opened our studio last month and we began to experience the privilege of meeting each of you in person. So, without further adieu... We are Brandon and Jeni Bowen. It is a pleasure to meet you, truly it is!

Bbo KK

Brandon will probably backflip when he realizes that I chose this silly pic, but this is us more often than not. Fair warning, most of the photos we share will spawn from my iPhone with my gargantuan arm appearing from the bottom corner. Someday I will take beautiful, pristine DSLR shots, but this is our life today. Speaking of life, Brandon and I have been blessed to be the caretakers of our adorable niece, Jada, who is FULL of life, let me tell you. Such a precious soul.

J in sunroof

We also parent our doggy, Wolley (which is yellow backwards)...

J and Wolley

Yes, please note a running theme here...

Wolley and B Wolley yard

And 3 cats named Grayce (15), Pixie (4) and Millie (4), who choose to remain unidentified at this time, but I'm sure they will eventually make an appearance. :) All of our animals have been found or rescued and we love the fact that God hand-picked them just for us... Just like this business. Truthfully, Brandon and I have always had a heart for entrepreneurship together, but we played it safe and earned a few diplomas along the way. Then, one day, the Lord laid it on our hearts to step out of the boat. Like, walk away from our professions and all that felt "safe" and rely on Him and Him alone. I'll share more about this process later, but His exact words to me one morning while I was getting ready for work were, "Cast your nets." Yeah, I know. I said exactly what you probably just said..."Whaaaat?!?" So, here we are, one year later as we climb this mountain of assignment together. It's a journey, Friends, and we are so honored to welcome you. Won't you join us? :)



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