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Posted by Brandon Bowen on

No boys allowed on the blog....except for today. ;0)

Hi Friends! Brandon is logging on to tell us about something new happening over here at Restoring Piece. Without giving all the good stuff away, I think it's going to be a great tool for you!




At Restoring Piece, we value the opportunity to provide the best services possible to our patrons. Each week, we receive a minimum of 10-15 inquiries asking if we provide upholstery services, woodworking, custom builds, custom painting, on-site cabinetry refinishing, interior design services, demolitions, on-site renovations, metal work,  and really, so much more. While we would love to be able to help each person create what they envision for their space or project, our hands are few and demands are many. Therefore, we feel that it's time to share the load. Also, because we cannot claim expertise in every area, we gladly refer you to others who can. 

Helping you find the solution that is going to fit your needs is very important to us. We decided that providing an online directory that enables customers to peruse the work of the very people we are referring them to would provide the greatest benefit. So, without further adieu, we introduce to you CRAFTED!

CRAFTED was formed as a resource for customers to quickly and easily find others who do quality custom work in a variety of disciplines. This directory deals exclusively with custom and hand-made work. The primary focus for CRAFTED is connecting customers to service providers directly. Businesses (and individuals) of all sizes can register their contact information and showcase their work so that you, the consumer, feel confident choosing a reputable resource.

The categories for artists listed on CRAFTED are Art & Décor, Fabrics & Textiles, Interior Design, Metalwork & Lighting, Painting, and Woodworking. For more on CRAFTED, visit us here.

Are you skilled in one or more of these areas and interested in being listed on CRAFTED? We’d love to list you and promote your work! Find a full list of details here.

We are excited about CRAFTED, and we certainly hope it serves as a great resource for you now and in the future! God bless, and thank you all for letting me join you all for a little bit!

Many Blessings,


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  • This is awesome! Thanks so much for providing this info. I think it’s a great idea!

    Ann Smith on

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